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Sorry about the wait for this chapter but if you follow me on tumblr you know I had some important stuff going on. "I just want you," he says quickly. Annabeth leans forward until she's looming over him. She wants to tell him that's not good enough, that they. Not bad.

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Shouldn't you know this? Annabeth just hopes he's remembered the ring. Piper's too focused on grumbling about how far they have to walk and having to wait until the. This is my first Percabeth fanfic so I hope you enjoy.

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It's not the most riveting plot wise but I think it's one of the stronger chapters I've written so far. "Oh, yeah I guess, it's just that I don't really drink." The words feel loaded with a history a little too heavy for a first date. Annabeth decides to aim. Get out, already!

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This is a multi chapter fic I've been working on based around the "fake dating" trope. To say that Annabeth is surprised when Percy asks her to fake date him is an understatement. And then came Percy Jackson. Top of the food. Just dating pjo fanfiction.

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I'm not sure exactly how many chapters are left but things are wrapping up so be prepared for things to come to an end in the next couple weeks. "We're definitely still fighting and she's definitely still mad." Annabeth waits for him to continue but Percy just stares at the coffee table. "That's it?. Just dating pjo fanfiction He has been for the years, just dating pjo fanfiction what happened during those years.

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It's fun saying that! It's the fun of online dating!" "Just hurry up! He'll be home soon " "Fine." Nico finally gave in, "Percy Jackson, 18, Manhattan.

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So they go on a date. To the cinema. What could possibly go wrong? Read on to find out! Fluff and humor overload. Just saying, guys.:D.

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Annabeth swallows and nods, her eyes flicking to the door just behind Percy's mother. "Oh thank goodness," Sally lurches forwards, wrapping.

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